Jerry Mullis

Jerry Mullis

Aspiring AWS Cloud Engineer


Highly accomplished healthcare manager with invaluable experience leading, mentoring and developing medical professionals. After many years in healthcare management, I am looking to make a career change into a field of study that has always peaked my interest - cloud-based technologies and data migration. I pride myself on my ability to be flexible, a quick study, and a true benefit in any collaborative co-working environment. I am excited about starting a new chapter in my career and expanding my skillset within the cloud computing realm. I currently hold 4 AWS certifications and have worked on various AWS cloud-based projects.

Work Experience

Respiratory Therapy Manager

June 2017 - Present

Along with assisting in regular staff duties when urgently needed, I am additionally responsible for many Human Resource tasks such as: conducting yearly employee evaluations, sometimes resulting in either compensation gains or reductions; conducting new applicant interviews, as well as weighing in on all department hiring and termination decisions; new staff orientations, including on-boarding and new hire paperwork compliance; as well as conducting yearly education to the entire RT staff. I continuously assist with critical patients, audit staff charting and documentation for accuracy and HIPPA compliance, manage ABG machines, and maintain a productivity level of 98-102% for a department of 120 across 5 campuses. That, in addition to weekly shift scheduling, daily task assignments, budgeting and general employee management - sometimes resulting in employee disruption mitigation due to departmental grievances.

Respiratory Therapist

September 2006 - June 2017

As a staff member I was responsible for several duties including: performing set-up and operating devices such as mechanical ventilators, HFOV, and gas administration apparatuses all while following parameters of treatment; responded to and provided BLS in the event of a critical situation; monitored patient physiological response to therapy such as arterial blood gases and blood chemistry changes, and consulted with physicians if any adverse reaction occurred; administered aerosol therapy, arterial blood gas, arterial line insertion, extubation and intubations; assisted with bronchoscopy, bedside tracheostomy insertions and airway management; and inspected, cleaned, tested and maintained all equipment to ensure proper functionality.

AWS Certifications

  • Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • Certified Solutions Architect
  • Certified Developer
  • Certified Sysops Administrator


Heart of Georgia Technical College

Obtained A.A.S. of Respiratory Care in September 2006

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